March 31, 2016

DynEd Students at MATC Reach English Fluency Faster!

Lisa Fabian-Albert, an ESL Instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) in Oak Creek, Wisconsin found DynEd when she set out to find a comprehensive program for their English students.

“We conduct a workshop class where students learn at their own pace.  We were using a book with a study guide to track student progress and had also tried a variety of software programs,” says Fabian-Albert.  “But we needed something that taught students listening, reading, pronunciation, writing, and reading skills.”

After studying with DynEd, Fabian-Albert’s students are learning English faster than before.  “We are able to have a workshop class with all 6 levels in the same classroom. DynEd’s program provides us with this opportunity.”

Phuong Luong, a DynEd student who attends Fabian-Albert’s workshop with the goal of improving his pronunciation says, “I have been able to reach my pronunciation goals by listening to the model, repeating many times, and listening to my voice.” DynEd study records indicate that when Luong started studying with DynEd over two years ago, he was at an A1 skill level, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Today Luong’s skills surpass the B2 level on the CEFR scale—the target level necessary for students learning other subjects in English at the University level!

DynEd allows Fabian-Albert’s students to learn at their own pace and the program’s instructors are able to provide students with conversational activities, in addition to providing good coaching.  “The Records Manager makes tracking student progress easy, and allows us to easily show students what they should do next,” explained Fabian-Albert.

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