February 28, 2019

Soaring High to English Fluency

Meet Cristina Pavón, a senior at Liceo Militar del Norte High School in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Cristina began her English studies with DynEd four years ago, as part of her school’s English requirement. In an effort to improve their students’ English skills, the school adopted DynEd over 5 years ago.

Starting at a basic A1 English skill level, Cristina was able to reach an advanced C1 level through hard work and determination. “My teachers motivated me to improve my English by working with DynEd, and it means a lot to me because my effort was rewarded,” says Cristina, who is now working towards her C2 DynEd Certificate. Cristina studied DynEd for an average of 3 times per week. “I enjoyed learning with DynEd because it's a very dynamic program to study with,” she added.  

Mrs. Monica Fontana, DynEd’s English teacher at the high school, adds that Cristina has become an inspiration to other students. “After studying with DynEd for four years her English skills have improved in an outstanding way,” attests Fontana.  Cristina has not only improved her written and grammar skills, but she has gained the confidence to speak the language fluently, as shown in the video.

Congratulations on a job well done, Cristina!


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